In a world of physical fitness and the never ending journey for self improvement, it isn’t hard to find answers to questions on how to achieve a better physique. But the answers given do not always apply to the situation at hand and all that information will simply confuse and ultimately discourage an individual from pursuing their goals. Glenn Nowland provides more than just answers on a sheet of paper. Having been a successful entrepreneur in business, Glenn understands the individual needs of each and every client. He evaluates each individual and proceeds from there. He has an extremely diverse background, working with bodybuilding, figure and bikini competitors as well promoter of the NPC XCALIBUR CUP. He has trained winning competitors from the most novice of athletes to IFBB Pros. As his clientele base grew, it was apparent that he had a special gift in coaching figure and bikini competitors. Being a former competitor himself, Glenn understands the complexity of training and dieting. His clients can rest assured that his knowledge and guidance through a custom training program will allow them to reach their goals.

Also, as a former NPC judge, his keen eye can see the final result way before it’s apparent to anyone else. Known as a trainer who never plays favorites, his clients are never overlooked or neglected. His motto is, “If you give me 100%, I’ll give you 100% back.” His dedication and intense passion for clients’ satisfaction have brought him tremendous success. Glenn truly is more than just a trainer or coach; he is your mentor right through to the finish line. It’s that one-on-one attention that beyond any doubt separates him from all others.It is with his sincere commitment that he wishes to take on the self transformation endeavor with you.

IFBB Pro Dan Hawtin, a familiar name within the bodybuilding community and the Metropolitan area, is synonymous with success and winning. Let's face it, actions speak louder than words and no saying is truer when it comes to Danny. Having competed in over 15 NPC shows since 1995, Danny has placed in the top 5 every time. He's also placed 1st in his class (heavyweight) 5 times and won the overall in the 2006 Muscle Beach Championships and the 2010 Garden State Championships Masters Division. Most notably, Danny received his Pro-Card after taking 1st Place Heavyweight at the Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA this year. For many years, Danny has been battling it out on the bodybuilding circuit. In the past 10 years, he has been a core contest coach, having coached many of his athletes to 1st place victories as well as having coached other National Level competitors. With Danny as your pre-contest coach, using his own experience and expertise to guide you, you will gain impressive results, unmatched personal attention to detail and an abundance of knowledge of the sport.